Sunday, 6 March 2011

Assignment 1 - Chapter 1 - Too Much Drama or What!

Chapter 1 is Just the Beginning...

    I stared out of the porthole at the darkness beyond. There were bright stars twinkling and in the distance I could see planets. A whole system of planets. I made some quick calculations in my head and guessed this must be the Iltiiar System. We were a long way from Earth now. I flung my blankets away from me and let out a long sigh. 

   “Astrid! You’re going to be late for school!” My mother bellowed.  
   “Like I really care.” I muttered. “I’m just getting up now!” I shouted back.
   Today was the first day back to school after the longest break of the year. When we were still on Earth it would have been called a Summer Holiday but it’s hard to tell the time of a planet that no longer exists.
   Humans left Earth two hundred years ago. I’ve never been to Earth. I was born right here on the SC45-England. I never knew who my father was; mum never wants to talk about it.  
   I tugged on my school uniform and stumbled into the bathroom. I stared into the mirror groggily; my hair was a mess so I quickly ran a brush through my hair.
   “Astrid! Your toast is going cold!” My mother yelled.
   “Astrid! Your toast is going cold!” I mimicked spitefully.
   I went to my bedroom door which slid open as I approached, and then slid closed behind me once I was in the hallway. I found my mother in the kitchen, wearing her white dressing gown, sitting at the breakfast bar cupping a mug of tea in her hands. There was a burnt slice of toast on the table.
   “Are you going to eat your toast?” She asked.
   “No, I’ll be late for school.” I lied as I dashed to the door.
   I hurried down Corridor 9, my black school shoes making barely a sound on the soft, grey carpet. There was an iris recognition system built into the wall next to every metal door along the corridor which were spaced at regular intervals.
   Just as I reached an intersection I felt a hand clamp over my mouth and I was pulled backwards. I screamed but there was barely a sound. I was dragged away roughly with no concern for my wellbeing. I could feel deep breathing on my neck and then he spoke.
   “Don’t even think about screaming.” It was a voice I knew all too well.
   He took his hand away from my mouth and spun me round so I was up against the wall. He was so close I could feel the intense heat of his body as he leaned towards me, looking down at me. His dark brown eyes were deep and foreboding, his sleek light brown hair was neat and his fringe flicked across his face, covering his right eye.  
    I knew who he was. Luke Trellmar was his name, a school bully and one of the biggest flirts I’ve ever met. Most girls at school swoon whenever he passes.
    Behind him were the rest of his dim-witted gang, laughing and jeering, obviously enjoying the display. But I ignored them; Luke was staring into my eyes and grinning mischievously. He had me pinned against the wall but I wasn’t defenceless. I raised my knee and slammed it into his shin. He cried out in agony, his face red with fury.
   “So you want to play it like that do you?”
   Luke grabbed me and slammed me against the wall, pressing his body against mine.
   I tried to control myself, be strong, but tears were splintering from my eyes. My whole body was shaking. My mind reeled. Everything was happening so fast!

   “Don’t be scared, I wouldn’t hurt you.” He ran his finger down my cheek. His gang were cackling with laughter behind him.
   He continued to caress my cheek while grabbing my waist with his free hand. I tried to struggle but he held me tighter. He ran his fingers through my hair and then slid his hand up my top. I tried to push him away but he just smiled and pushed me back. I could hear his friends laughing, laughing at me. 
   Then suddenly he was pulled away from me and pushed to the floor, the laughing ceased. I looked up at the boy who had interfered; he was taller than Luke with misty grey eyes and light blonde hair that hung about his pale face in neat curls. He was wearing school uniform with my school’s badge, but yet I had never seen him before.  
   “If I were you I’d leave her alone, I wouldn’t want to get the carpet messy.” He said spitefully.
   Luke couldn’t even reply, his face was a mirror of pure shock and anger. He scrambled up off the floor and stalked away, his friends at his heels.
   I turned to the mystery boy, his eyes met mine for a moment but then he turned and walked away down the corridor. I slumped against the wall, breathing hard, my head spinning. I turned to call to the boy but he was gone.